Aims & Support

Our vision - a state of the art centre

The Foundation aims to improve the quality of life of children who suffer from a neurological condition and be their voice.

It is fundamental that all children receive rehabilitation regardless of the degree of brain injury they have sustained: even severely injured patients may still have the potential to make continued progress for several years after the injury first occurred. The Foundation has been set up to assist these children, and intends to build a paediatric neurological rehabilitation centre in the UK to serve them.

Moreover, the Foundation intends to initiate a cultural change in the UK towards the treatment of paediatric brain injury.

By bringing together leading experts from around the world and by introducing the most advanced neuro rehabilitation treatments, the Foundation will offer the chance of life and recovery for children in the UK which up until now has been denied to many.

The Foundation aims to introduce treatments such as hyperbaric oxygen therapy, laser therapy and hydrotherapy all of which are used successfully in other countries but which are not offered in the UK.

These latest medically advanced treatments will make the Centre become an international point of reference which will bring hope and real help to children with neurological injuries and also their families.

We would also have a dedicated team of experts who will be conducting research on cures for brain injury and regenerative medicine including the extremely promising field of stem cell therapy.

To summarise, our mission is to build a unique state of the art rehabilitation Centre to provide all treatments under one umbrella.

Your support is central to our success.