The People behind the Foundation

The Tafida Raqeeb Foundation’s senior leadership team, board of trustees and each and every staff member are dedicated to the belief that every child in the UK and around the world deserves a future regardless of the physical and neurodisability.

Ms Shelina Begum
President and Founder

Shelina is a lawyer by profession and the mother of Tafida Raqeeb.  Shelina is the powerful force behind the Tafida Raqeeb Foundation.

Since February 2019 she has made the hospital her residence and has spent every night with her daughter. Whilst caring for Tafida round the clock, Shelina reflected on the paucity of resources and care to support children with similar conditions to Tafida. She constantly contemplated on what she could do to support these children. This is when she realised that children in the UK do not have enough access to rehabilitation following a brain injury and that there was a fundamental shortage of facilities. And that is when the idea emerged of setting up the Foundation.
Despite the challenging journey, she decided to follow that path. Two years was
spent on planning the Foundation. At times it became unbearable, other times it was a race against time, but she carried on for the sake of all children. She believed that every child deserves a chance at life after sustaining brain injury.

Shelina has stated that “anything could happen any time to anyone of us as the pandemic has shown us. A sudden brain injury could happen to your child as it happened to my Tafida and it was completely out of the blue. But there is hope and I want to provide that hope to children”.

Shelina has managed to inspire so many people to share her vision of a Neuro Rehabilitation Centre in the UK. This is a bespoke Centre which will be the first of its kind. Shelina has showed huge strength of character and resolve in launching the Foundation and is working tirelessly to ensure her vision becomes reality very soon.

Mr Bruno Quintavalle
Vice president

Bruno is a leading Barrister

Mr Jakir Hossain Chowdhury

Public Relations Director

Jakir is a financial consultant and is the managing director of JC & Hunter Capital. He has expertise in financial markets, business mergers, acquisitions, asset management, consulting in aviation and sustainable entrepreneurship development in the UK and globally.

Jakir achieved his financial qualifications CeMAP and CeRER from Royal Charter, The London Institute of Banking and Finance. Jakir has over 23 years of experience in commercial finance.

In 2006 Jakir with partners launched the United Airlines in Bangladesh. The Airline was the biggest after the national carrier in Bangladesh. He is also part of LIM Global, based in USA, which serves many organisations including the World Bank, Volvo, Motorola, UNICEF, Glaxo Smith Kline, AmericanExpress, Ikea and many more.

Jakir was part of Connectire Group, a consultancy company based in Singapore. In order to meet client’s requirements, Jakir created Knightsbridge Asset Management LLC to make it easy for client with progressive interest to and enter into potential real estate market in USA. Jakir strongly believes that the world is a local place without any boundaries and any business is achievable if we follow the code of ethics on deals.

Jakir is active in several non profit organisations and volunteers with his family in many community projects and activities.

Jakir understands how to form and maintain public relationship. He has a keen interest in cycling, fishing and running.


The work of the Tafida Raqeeb Foundation is governed and overseen by our Board of Trustees.

Mr Mohammed Dahoud

Mr Mohammed Dahoud is a senior partner at TKD solicitors.

Mr Jacob Lyons​
Mr Jacob Lyon is the co-founder of the Rivercrown Group which is a pan-European Commercial Real Estate Platform focused on investment management, asset management and advisory.
Dr. Aliya Abassi​​

Dr Aliya Abassi is a medical doctor

Mr Mohammed Raqeeb

Mr Mohammed Raqeeb is the father of Tafida Raqeeb.

He has participated in many charitable causes involving children previously and now has a keen interest in supporting children who have sustained any form of brain injury.

Medical Advisory Board

The project has been welcomed by many leading medical professionals internationally.


We are delighted to be supported by a huge range of ambassadors from the community, who promote us and our work. They come from the worlds of entertainment, business and sport, and we are proud for them to represent our brand to the wider public

Francesco Montanari
Francesco Montanari is an actor known for Il Cacciatore (2018), The Last Fashion Show (2011) and Tell No One (2012).
Dr Paolo Petralia

Dr Petralia has a Degree in Medicine and he is has specialised in hygiene and hospital management at Genoa University. Moreover, he has a degree in Religious Sciences with a specialisation in Bioethics at Catholic University of Rome. Since January 1st 2021 he is the General Manager of Asl4 Liguria. Before, he was the General Manager of Institute of Giannia Gaslini of Genoa since 2010 and of other regional social health services. Since July 2021 he is the National Vicar Vicepresident of FIASO (Italian Federation of Hospital); he was also President of The Italian Paediatricians Association since 2011.He is also a journalist, member of different scientific committees, author of different books and publications and Professor in History of Medicine and Bioethics at Genoa University. He also volunteers with the National and Regional organisation in culture and education.

Senator Simone Pillon

Senator Simone Pillon graduated with full marks in Law at the Università degli Studi di Parma. In 2000 he accomplished the qualification for the forensic practice. From 2013 he worked in Court of Appeal as a lawyer. In the same year he obtained a Master’s degree in Family Mediation and he kept studying Anglo-Saxon law at the City University in London, during a training course of the National Forensic Council.

He was elected at the Italian Senate in 2018. From June 2018 he was party whip of the “Lega” party in the Justice Commission at Palazzo Madama and also in the Council for the Election until September 2019.

On 15 November 2018 he was elected vice-president of the Commission for Childhood and Adolescence.

Keith Mason

Mr Keith Mason is a retired international professional rugby league player who played in the English super league and the Australian Nrl for over 14 years. He also represented Great Britain and Wales internationally.

Mr Mason is also an actor and producer of his upcoming films Imperative and Enter the Furnace, both releasing later in 2022 worldwide. 

He is also the creator and author of the Rugbyblood comic book series.
He has a passion for charitable causes and has supported many charities.

Donate to Keith’s campaign by clicking here >

Hamza Dewan Choudhury

Mr Hamza Dewan Choudhury is an English professional footballer who plays as a defensive midfielder for Premier League club Leicester City. 

He has made over 80 appearances for Leicester since 2017, and won the FA Cup in 2021. He has represented England at under-21 level.

Atique Choudhury

Mr Atique Choudhury is an industrialist, property developer and social entrepreneur. Mr Choudhury has been a prolific property developer for over three decades, building a vast portfolio of trophy assets which includes an array of residential properties, converting derelict banks, cinemas, silk mills and grade II listed buildings. Mr Choudhury definitely has an eye for quality and detail as recognised by the International Property Awards as one of his developments was nominated for the best designed apartment.

Mr Choudhury has specialised in Thai, Japanese, Mexican and South Indian vegetarian cuisine in the 35 years in the restaurant industry and had built a successful string of award winning restaurants. After owning and operating multiple cuisines, Mr Choudhury retired from the restaurant industry in 2014.

Mr Choudhury now is the managing director of Mystic Pharmaceuticals in Bangladesh which has taken a major growth and is currently expending internationally. He is also the chairman of Cultural Business Management in which they invest in renewal energy and the agriculture sector in Bangladesh. Mr Choudhury has an eventual vision for Bangladesh to become a double digit economy.

He is also a keen supporter of local, national and international charities. Mr Choudhury has set up an educational institution with accommodation for the homeless children in Bangladesh. He is also a trustee of the Rural Development Foundation Bangladesh with the aim of improving women’s maternity for the underprivileged. He is also the Honary Chief Executive of the Bangladesh Female Academy. Apart from his professional career, Mr Choudhury also indulged in the world of sport.

He was the first British Bangladeshi to play in an international semi pro badminton tournament. He is also a keen golfer and a proud supporter of Arsenal football club.

Dejan Štancer

Mr Dejan Štancer is the Chairman of the Global Chamber of Business Leaders, the president of the KSBC Business Club, a registered and licensed lobbyist in the EU institutions, and at the same time he is also an advisor to many political and business leaders around the world, and he also advises governments and companies.

He is also a polyglot, fluent in at least eight world languages. He is an advocate of global business cooperation, integration, sustainable and social development, and the fight against climate change. For his work and merits, he has been honored with various state awards, as well as awards for his role as a global influential business leader.
Wazid Hussan Bem

Mr Wazid Hassan is an entrepreneur, business leader, community leader and activist. Mr Hassan strives to source products and services that benefit the public. Mr Hassan was the first in the UK to recognise a need for halal catering for the Muslim communities and as such started the first company which offered this service 20 years ago. Mr Hassan has received many awards and recognition from different organisations for the amazing work he has undertaken. Today Pride of Asia is the largest and leading halal caterer in the UK having served in the House of Commons, the House of Lords and many other prestigious venues.

Mr Hassan is active in charitable causes which benefit woman who are deprived of education and as such has participated in several projects which built schools in rural areas in Bangladesh.

In addition, during the corona virus pandemic, he provided over 7,500 free meals to emergency workers, hospitals and care homes. As a result of is generous work for the community, he was given the British Empire Medal in the Queen’s Birthday Honours.

He is very passionate about assisting children and providing a better health when it comes to brain injury. 

Dr Honey Kalaria

Dr Honey Kalaria is a multi award winning performing arts professional, media presenter and mind body soul expert, who is popularly known as “Bollywood Ambassador to the UK”. Dr Kalaria is recognised nationally and internationally for her high profile projects working alongside other Bollywood stars and mainstream celebrities supporting charitable and community based initiatives, and launching a range of creative businesses that encourage an appreciation for the multi cultural arts to the global community. Her creative work in the field of Art, Culture & Entertainment has led to Dr Kalaria becoming a recipient of an “Honorary Doctorate of Arts,” and “Best Bollywood International Artist” award, the global award for “Best Dance & Performing Arts Coach in UK in 2020” and breaking the Guinness Book of World Record on SKY TV amongst many other accolades.

Various accomplishments include working on projects for numerous television programs, films and West End Musicals; founder of Honeys Dance Academy which ran 20 dance schools throughout UK; Talent Ambassador & Achievement Coach providing training to over ½ million students; Advisory Member to the National Dance Council; District Chair of Environment Committee at Rotary Club of London; Delivering Health, Wellbeing and Spiritual Growth Programs using Power of Meditation & Dance Therapy for over 20 years; Popular Radio and TV Presenter; Production Director and Online Media Host for “Healing Our Earth”; worked as Member of Local Mayors Fundraising Appeal Committee; Nominated as one of the top three Asian Business Women in the UK; represents Commonwealth Entrepreneurs’ Club as a Global Ambassador.

Dr Kalaria is an enthusiastic Ambassador for various charities including “Diabetes UK” and “The Duke of Edinburgh Award”, with a demonstrated history of working in the Education & Charity Sector, Media & Public Relations Industry, as well as Dance & Performing Arts field. Bringing forth thirty years of experience as a creative education professional and dance expert, multi-cultural celebrity assignments that develop East West relations and a passion for helping humanitarian causes. She is motivated by the appreciation of the human spirit and the innate desire to achieve our maximum potential. The Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport had shown great support for the extensive work carried out by Dr Kalaria in the field of promoting dance education in schools throughout the UK and devising various multicultural training programs, leading students to improved health, well-being and personal growth. Dr Kalaria brings forth dedication and a desire to positively impact the lives of children and be of service to make this world a better place. For more information visit: www.honeykalariaofficial.co.

Mohammed Munim

Mr Mohammed Munim (Salik) leads several organisations and businesses in directorial roles in hospitality, housing, finance, and other service sectors. These businesses include Salik & Co., Le Chef PLC t/a ChefOnline, and Bloomingdale Ltd. – each with a growing presence in their respective industries. He founded these companies much like he founded the Asian Restaurant & Takeaway Awards (ARTA) where they celebrate British-Asian cuisine and visionary restaurant owners behind it.

The quality that ties together all of his versatile business interests is a service mindset. He has always been focused on service and the question of how its quality can be improved in various industries. In all the businesses that he founded and manages now, delivering the highest quality possible is the only acceptable standard of work.

This intense focus has led to the immense success of his companies, all of which are growing at tremendous rates. Him and his team relish the experience of building lasting relationships with wonderful client base.

He considers himself an evergreen learner, always willing to grow by gaining new knowledge. This is the secret ingredient to his success in multiple industries at once.

He has a keen interest in supporting children and their health. He strongly believes that children are the future of any nation and they must be everyone’s priority.


The Foundation was established as a subsequence of Tafida’s brain injury.

She was a perfectly healthy child who sustained an unexpected brain injury, leaving her fighting for her life.

Legal proceedings ensued to prevent withdrawal of care which resulted in a landmark victory and she travelled abroad for medical care where her health continues to improve.


Be assured the Foundation utilises every donation in the most cost effective way possible.

The Foundation is 100% committed to transparency.